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Disinfecting Practices

At Details Salon, disinfection and sanitization have always been a top priority. We’ve completed courses in sanitization, and continue to obtain educational experiences for best practices in disinfection. To keep you well-informed about your visit, we’ve specifically summarized our disinfecting practices below.

Disinfecting Practices

Each salon guest is draped in a freshly washed cape and we only use towels laundered in a disinfecting solution.

Every work area is routinely disinfected after each salon guest.

All touchpoints are thoroughly disinfected during the workday.

Our most recent courses in sanitation and disinfection include an updated course on Barbicide Disinfectant and Rejuvenate Disinfectant. We’ve earned certificates in both courses.

We currently use Rejuvenate Disinfectants our salon.

In light of the recent pandemic, it’s important to note that Rejuvenate products are approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Rejuvenate is a hospital-grade disinfectant, and we’ve chosen it for our salon because it’s more powerful than traditional solutions. Formulated with patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®, Rejuvenate solutions are biodegradable and non-irritating, allowing us to promote a safer, greener practice in our salon.

At Details Salon & Wigs, your health and safety are extremely important to us, so we also pay close attention to something called contact time. Contact time is the amount of time a disinfectant must remain on a service area to be most effective. Rejuvenate Disinfectants have a one-minute contact time, which means its non-toxic formula quickly kills germs once applied.

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please give us a call at 715-735-5078.

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